Sunday, February 21, 2010

Preparing the Nursery when your a cheap skate

We are cheap skates. Okay I said it. I love nice things. I actually have expensive taste, but have the hardest time spending high money. I am frugal at heart.
We have only spent $222 on the entire nursery.

If you would like to know how I will share our little secrets.
We found our Pottery Barn Crib on Craigslist and negotiated the guy down to $80.
We were given our dresser and since it was a natural color and needed to be refinished, my husband sanded it down and painted it with a lo-gloss lacquer and Wa-La our dresser matches the crib. We spent $20 at home depot to repaint it and on the Sandpaper.
We hit up Joann's craft superstore (my favorite store!) on a super sale day and loaded up on all the fabric and notions I needed to hand make the cloth baby diapers, some extra swaddle blankets, the bedding and room accents, and some extra fabric for burp clothes, baby towels, and a nursing cover. We spend $112.00 (but saved over $80 because of the sale).
We found some used children's clothing stores on there $5.00 a bag sale. Children's Orchard has a sale every new season where you can fill up a plastic bag and only pay $5.00 for all of it! We bought 2 bags and spent $10.00.

Now we did accept a lot of our stuff from family members and friends. Anybody who offered we accepted. I really wanted to get an expensive stroller, but we couldn't afford the luxury. My cousin actually decided to give me her Quinny Stroller. I pretty much fell over with excitement! I also found many great deals on craigslist. We accepted clothing from friends who had girls, as well as a baby swing and bouncer.

We also received great help from our parents. My husbands family bought us the crib mattress we wanted which was $150 on sale ($30.00 off). My family pulled together the money for the car seat that fits our Quinny Stroller.

The baby shower was awesome. I am having a second one after our little angel is born. I invited everyone I knew. Not only was the advice on becoming a new mommy helpful and the recommendations of other moms extremely helpful, but we received so many clothes, and care items for the baby. Many of the items we needed for the baby were covered by the baby shower.

Overall we have spent so little for just an adorable room. I have a few more things planned to tie it all together, but we are so close to being done and will have only paid under $400 on the entire room together. I am very satisfied with the quality of our nursery. We didn't have to sacrifice style and quality even though we we didn't couldn't spend a whole lot of money.

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  1. You are so talented I wish I would have known you when I was preggo...I would have paid you to make my babies stuff! You should open on online only store for your stuff well when the baby gets older.... I would buy so much stuff! Cannot wait to see it all finished. Lots of Love Zoe and I.